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How to book a portrait with me?

It is an easy process, here are The five steps to make your booking:

Step 1: Find your favorite photo of the subject you want to commission.

Check out the Photo guide here.

Step 2: Check the available commission slot.

If you have a specific date (i.e birthday, anniversary) please do mention it in your message.

Tips: If you plan to gift a portrait on Christmas, book your commission as soon as you can as I will be fully booked quickly for the holiday season.

Step 3: Check the Prices and Sizes that are available here.

In case you cannot figure out which would be the best size for your portrait, please contact me, I can give you suggestions based on the reference photos you provide.

Step 4: Send me your request via email.

I will respond to you within 48 hours to confirm your booking with an Expected finish date. Once we get an agreement on the Reference photo and other terms, a Receipt will be sent to your email to proceed the next step. 

Step 5: Place a deposit of 50% of the total price to secure your slot.

This can be made via Paypal or by Bank transfer. The remain balance will be made only when the portrait is finished and you are happy with it.

Please note that your deposit is non-refundable and will only be refunded in the event where I lose my ability to complete the drawing. 

The portrait will be mailed to you at your own cost after the final payment is made.

You might want to know
  • A single portrait needs a minimum of 35 hours of work. It is difficult to put a fixed time frame on a drawing, that is why I can only give you an estimation of the finishing date. I have no formula nor recipe to create an art piece, therefore some drawings might take longer to finish than the others. I will always be upfront with you about this matter. 

  • One third of my drawings that shown in the Gallery was created based on low quality photos. For memorial portrait, I understand that you might not be able to provide good reference pictures. In that case I am happy to work with what you have. Please be noted that the result will be less detailed. 

  • I sign every drawing of mine by the name June and I have been doing it since I was fifteen.

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